Safety Tips For Truckers
Following common sense rules can save lives and your truck

Make Driving Safety a Priority

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Evaluate the Dangers While Driving

To keep the roads as safe as humanly possible, all drivers must be aware of basic safety guidelines and practice common road courtesy. Truckers have an additional concern while driving because drivers of smaller vehicles rarely understand how difficult it is for truck drivers to control a large truck on the road. To minimize the chances that you and your truck will be involved in a serious or deadly incident, there are a few safety tips you should follow.

Stay Alert at All Times

Driving a large truck is not the time to get overly comfortable and enjoy the scenery around you. When you are behind the wheel of a large truck or eighteen-wheeler, you must be extra aware of everything around you. Look down the road rather than just around your rig. Always have an escape route in heavy traffic and know who is behind you, on the sides, and in front of you at all times.

Know the Weather on Your Route

Heavy winds, snow, sleet, and rain can create hazardous situations for drivers, particularly for truckers. Before you take off on a trip, make sure to check the weather report on the route to your destination and avoid any inclement weather conditions whenever possible. Knowing in advance what to expect can help you prepare and plan your trip accordingly. Take necessary precautions when you know the weather is not going to be in your favor.

Stay in the Same Lane

Changing lanes in a big rig can be a serious hazard. Truck drivers should do their best to pick a lane and remain in it as long as possible. Smaller cars can change lanes and dodge you when they need to, and each time a vehicle switches lanes it is more likely an accident could occur. Truck drivers who are in a hurry and ignore safe driving rules can easily be blamed for an accident and will eventually face a truck accident lawyer pursuing a lawsuit against you for damages and injuries to their client.

Take a Break

You may be on a time crunch to make a pick up or delivery, but if you are involved in an accident, you will never make it to your destination on time. It is not worth risking your life and those around you by driving when you should be taking a rest break; not to mention the damage to your truck and down time. If you need to sleep or rest, pull over or find a rest stop; it will keep the roads safe for everyone.